SAP Master Data Governance Management

Master Data Governance Management


What We Do

Master Data Management is one of the essential components of a successful business model. The SAP MDM & SAP MDG services offered by VUPICO ensures a complete view of enterprise data, analytical graph-based exploration, agile self-service access, and data governance. VUPICO allows you to maintain, validate, and distribute the master data with the help of its integrated SAP Master Data management tool. VUPICO leverages the latest technology for the management and governance of master data to offer you fruitful results.


Our Process

Management of master data is undoubtedly a necessity for the exponential growth of your organization. Our master data management framework comes with all the latest features and facilities to a smooth master data processing in your enterprise. We follow a seven-step process for effective governance of master data focusing on the SAP data quality and SAP data integration. These steps take care of everything related to the SAP MDM, SAP MDG, SAP DS/IS, and SAP BODS:

  • Prioritize Area For Business Improvement
  • Maximize the Availability of Information Assets
  • Create Roles, Rules, and Responsibilities
  • Ensure And Improve Information Asset Integrity
  • Establish Accountability Infrastructure
  • Transform into a Master Data-Based Culture
  • Build a Feedback Mechanism For Process Improvement


VUPICO SAP MDM packs all the latest features and facilities necessary for the maintenance of data and metadata management. We cater to all of your master data management needs in such a way that it can make you attain greater heights in your business. Here are we showcasing some of the highlighting features of VUPICO SAP MDM & MDG solution in the following points mentioned below:

  • 360 Degree ViewOver Critical Data
  • Cloud MDM Architecture
  • Cloud-Native Data Management
  • Virtual Style Implementation Support
  • Complete MDM Solution For Entire Enterprise
  • High-End Analytical Capabilities
  • Robust Backup Infrastructure
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Integration, SOA & Messaging
  • History and Auditing

What Makes Us Different?

There are a plethora of organizations across the globe that offers master data management solutions. However, you need to find one that suits your requirements in the governance and maintenance of master data for your enterprise. These are some highlights of our master data maintenance services that makes us different from other service provides in the world. Check out the VUPICO SAP MDM & MDG service highlights in the points mentioned here:

  • Serf-Service Access to Trusted Data
  • Fast and Accurate Delivery of MDM Data
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Improves Your Ability to Innovate
  • Reduce Your Overall Cost
  • Issue Management
  • Browsing, Searching, and Filtering
  • Data Quality, Validation, and Enrichment