Empowering “Sustainability Transformation” of your Business

Are you a manufacturer, distributor, importer, or do you trade globally? If so, your firm is impacted by international legislation around CO2 emissions, water, palm oil, paper and packaging etc. Conditions imposed by regulations such as:

  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) includes licensing, disposal, recycling, and routine reporting obligations.
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG) including Carbon reporting, LCA, regulatory reports and beyond compliance reports.

VUPICO SDP enables organizations to execute their sustainable business strategy based on data and insights to drive sustainable transformation. We do this by providing sustainability data platform enabling businesses to enrich data, manage and govern data, building a framework for efficient sustainability data models to support:

  • Regulatory reporting
  • LCA / Carbon simulations to reduce environmental impact and drive cost efficiencies Providing insights and analysis across your supply-chain ecosystems
  • AI and ML recommendations
  • Future eco-labelling (certification)
  • Traceability



By capturing and integrating your raw data, VUPICO SDP can provide not only statutory reporting, but benchmarking, what-if analysis, recommendations on the best course of action to achieve cost reductions and positive environmental impacts according to your operation.

VUPICO SDP will enable to:

  • Gather, optimize, and integrate organizational datasets
  • Access database of global standards and frameworks based on industry / country / state
  • Optimise data quality and governance of your sustainability related master data
  • Build regulatory and custom reports
  • Establish benchmarking, forecasting and analytics based on business strategy, common local and international standards and local regulations

VUPICO SDP enables your sustainability journey to collect, manage and model your sustainability data throughout circular economy encompassing:

  • PROCUREMENT: understand the environmental impact of raw materials and vendors.
  • MANUFACTURING: uncover how processes impact your carbon emissions and ways to improve efficiencies.
  • LOGISTICS: Identify how transportation, warehousing and factory of your circular economy are impacting cost and environment.
  • USAGE: Are items recyclable, re-usable, and combustible? Can the format of usage be improved to reduce packaging, transport costs or unnecessary waste?
  • WASTE MANGEMENT: Track what % of your products circularity.

Use case scenarios or simulations with analytics inform the most effective and efficient pathway to improving environmental impact and building sustainable businesses.


Francois Keet

VP Head of Global Business Transformation, Shiseido Ltd

VUPICO team came in and helped solve our business critical Sustainability needs when there weren’t any “ready to use” solutions in the market. They have been working with me in Analytics and Data Management to deliver an integrated solution for Extended Producer Responsibility reporting (EPR) and Life-Cycle Assessment simulation (CO2 usage) for the business users. I can always depend on VUPICO for their customer focus and quality delivery.

Key Capabilities / Benefits

  • Single place to collect, store, manage and govern your sustainability data
  • Enhance organizational data management / quality while capturing sustainability data
  • Quickly Establish EPR/LCA/Carbon reporting capability and benchmarking
  • Save time on statutory reporting
  • Improve visibility into the entire circular economy
  • Evaluate your environmental impact and costs through simulation
  • Align sustainability and business goals
  • Ecolabeling / ESG rating and ranking / sustainability assurance
  • Maintain positive customer and investor relations
  • ​Identify the most efficient and effective sustainable practices

Key Industries

Oil & Gas

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About US

VUPICO transforms data into business value. Since its establishment in 2015, we’ve grown a global team and refined a range of data and analytics solutions that strategically and systematically enhance the health, usability, and value of data across the enterprise. VUPICO solutions are results-focused. Results go beyond the data we optimize, or the report we design, unlocking massive cost savings, reducing waste, and new opportunities for growth. Currently VUPICO has offices in Tokyo, development and support centres in Manila and Hyderabad, and global headquarter office in Singapore. VUPICO is official system integration partner with SAP and Utopia. In todays rapidly changing and challenging times, VUPICO is trusted partner for our clients going through digital transformation and taking advantage of expanding data and analytics capabilities to drive business value.