Master Data Governance is an enterprise strategy that treats master data as a corporate asset with enormous top-line and bottom-line impact. It facilitates data consistency across multiple systems for streamlined business processes and enterprise reporting while ensuring end-to-end data stewardship and master data governance.

Key capabilities of MDG -S Module include workflow, data loading, synchronization and business rules, data modeling, and information quality and analytics.

MDG -S Module delivered on core of the sustainability data of materials and bill of materials.

  • Accelerates innovation and generates business value.
  • Eliminating data silos and connecting data from customers, products, suppliers and assets.
  • Creating a single source of the truth of your data.
  • Increasing data quality and reducing data errors. As a result, risks are mitigated; and mitigate risks.
  • Onboarding, consolidating, and cleansing disconnected data.
  • Easily maintaining your data, reducing manual work, and saving resources and time.
  • Improving collaboration and flexibility between internal and external users.
  • Improving business processes and operational efficiency.